Griffin Moe

I'm a software engineer exploring in the intersection of computers and music on the web and in your DAW.

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An isometric illustration of a musical instrument.

About Me

Sound is my deepest passion, it has driven everything I've done. It has led me towards a number of fruitful projects, including creating and teaching a computer music class at my alma mater. I'm also the co-founder of LUTE, a technology ensemble with a focus on accessibility.

I currently work as a frontend engineer at KnowledgeHound identifying and solving UX problems, establishing best engineering and A11Y practices, and collaborating with our design team on the component library that drives our product.


The VODER was an early form of speech synthesis designed by Bell Labs and demonstrated at the 1939 New York World's Fair. Requiring a human operator, Helen Harper was the first person to learn how to play it. Put yourself in her shoes and try to operate this simulation of the original console.

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Logo of the VODER project

Loyola University Technology Ensemble

Founded as part of a computer music class I created and taught between my undergraduate and graduate studies, LUTE is a technology ensemble dedicated to accessibility and music education. We are best known for our performances of Terry Riley's 1964 classic In C. Come see and perform with us!

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Crest of Loyola University Chicago

Other Projects

I am always working on something, whether its music, music software, or making plugins for my tmux & Vim development environment. Click the link below to see some of my other open source projects as well as what I'm currently working on. Some of my project summaries and portfolio work are below as well.

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